What we can offer your business.

We are driven by our passion and commitment to demolition excellence.  Our projects are managed by on-site Operations and Safety Professionals, supported by our engineering team.  By employing full-time personnel, our company ethos of “my brother’s keeper” is evident through all areas of our operations.

Jet Demolition has over 30 years’ experience in applied R&D of explosive blasting and controlled implosion techniques for large commercial and heavy industrial applications. We offer in-house blasting designs and project execution using our range of specialised charges, ensuring reliable results under the most demanding conditions.

We adhere to all legislative and regulatory requirements, and are fully managed by our certified and experienced explosive’s engineer. Optimised hybrid demolition methodologies are devised using a range of techniques specifically tailored to the project, taking all external and structural factors into consideration.

Our innovative, technically-advanced methods and state-of-the-art equipment enables us to take on the most complex heavy industrial demolition projects. We have extensive experience in sectional demolition of large industrial and mining plants still in operation, where access is restricted and vital plant services are present and in close proximity.

Our fleet, in excess of 60 items of specialised demolition machines ranging from a 1 tonne skidsteer loader to a 102 tonne high-reach excavator, offers flexibility in pairing the ideal plant and equipment to suit project requirements. Our experience allows us to offer our clients solutions that are economical, rapid, and risk-averse.

Jet Demolition owns a variety of specialised cold-cutting demolition tools and attachments suited to our fleet of demolition machines. Our innovative techniques and demolition methods minimise sparks and eliminate flame cutting, thereby resulting in safer, quicker and more controlled demolition of structures in highly flammable and volatile environments.

Cold-cutting techniques introduce a new level of safety to the petrochemical environment, and limits incidental contamination of precious resources that would otherwise not have been avoidable using less advanced techniques. We have successfully completed in excess of 90 projects on live petrochemical plants, and have had an ongoing presence in one of South Africa’s largest petrochemical facilities for over 15 years.

Our work on large water-retaining dams constitute some of the most important projects that the specialist contractor has undertaken to date. These projects call for highly-controlled, cautious, partial demolition techniques. New blasting techniques have been developed specifically to retain the structural stability of the dams themselves, with no wasted effort.

Rehabilitation of dam walls usually requires demolition of redundant portions of monolithic blocks and associated concrete structures. Hence, informed and judicious selection of demolition methods and their application techniques are vital to a controlled and productive project, which is where our extensive experience stands us in good stead.

Furnaces in the steelmaking, glass, or general manufacturing industries have a finite lifetime before requiring significant maintenance and repair work. Jet Demolition offers a myriad of specialised demolition services easily adapted to suit the challenging conditions of a furnace demolition project.

Our unique approach allows our teams to transition seamlessly between stave-jacking to lancing and to mechanised removal of massive blocks of solidified iron. We own a variety of specialised machines and equipment modified specifically to work within the confined space of a furnace structure, and to reduce downtime.

Fast-track, high-pressure bridge demolition projects, where timeous completion and safety performance is critical, is a specialised area of expertise for Jet Demolition. Our innovative, state-of-the-art, and technically-advanced methods and machinery allow us to tackle the most demanding and complex bridge demolition projects.

Here the increased risk and high-pressure conditions lend themselves to our specific set of expertise. Bridge-demolition projects are typically on a turnkey, rapid-demolition basis. They generally include all aspects of road safety – from temporary road closure design and implementation, to extensive communication and consultation with the general public, and liaison with all relevant authorities – to engineering of suitable demolition methods, planning for unforeseen circumstances, and final road clearing.

Jet Demolition provides turnkey solutions to the mining sector, assisting clients with detailed planning and execution of mining infrastructure demolition and rehabilitation.

Our focus on technical excellence ensures reliable, consistent performance in the shortest practical time. We work in strict accordance with the Mine Health and Safety Act, and have completed countless projects on both live and redundant mining sites. We have successfully completed over 50 turnkey projects, including a range of services specifically suited to the mining sector.

Jet Demolition regularly performs on-site demolition assessments for large mining houses throughout Africa. Our extensive experience ensures accurate estimation of demolition costs and timeframes, based on international best practice.

Prior to deployment to the site, Jet Demolition liaises with the relevant stakeholders to develop a client-specific report format for later integration into the final LoM estimation. This ensures that deliverables are in line with the clients’ requirements, and aides in creating a consistent reporting-format that can readily be updated as and when required.

Jet Demolition offers hazardous material abatement as an integral of its turnkey demolition service. We are registered with the Department of Labour as an asbestos contractor, and work closely with independent occupational hygienists to develop comprehensive asbestos plan of works and conduct compliance monitoring.

Offering full cradle-to-grave reporting, our decontamination and abatement service extends to all forms of hazardous material removal.  We have extensive experience in handling different types of materials, and will help to return your site to a safe working environment.

Emergency demolition is required where any event risks your continued operation.  Whether an unforeseen bridge collapse or a raging fire, these events have an immediate impact on your business.  It is under these conditions that a rapid, considered and dependable response is critical.

Our first responders to an emergency project include our operations and engineering team members, who will help assess, manage and mitigate the immediate risk. Methods are developed on site, risk assessments are concluded, and our demolition team is mobilised.  A practical, rapid response to crisis is one of our core strengths – returning your operation to full capacity without delay.


Our tailored solutions will meet your every demolition need.

Demolition is oftentimes mistaken as “reverse construction”.  Large-scale and technically challenging projects call for a carefully crafted, engineered approach.

Our projects are based on a combination of engineering principles and proven experience.  Ensuring the safety of our teams is always at the forefront of our demolition practices, improving the safety profile of the most demanding projects.

If we are able to assist in planning your next demolition project, contact us – we are here to engineer solutions to suit your requirements.