About Us

Jet Demolition has been undertaking industrial demolition works since 1994, and is the leading, the largest, and the most technically advanced demolition company in Africa.

We offer in-house, full-range demolition services, including advanced mechanical solutions and controlled implosions.  We actively pursue ongoing development of skills and equipment, suited to the changing needs of the industry.

We are a technically-based company, with various members of our staff holding M.Sc., B.Sc., and B.Tech. Degrees, as well as National Diplomas in various fields of Engineering. These expertise gives us the technical foundation to successfully engineer solutions for large and complex demolition projects, and furthermore fuels our drive for delivering quality projects, safely.  We strive to offer our Clients innovative and technical solutions to demanding demolition challenges.

Our exemplary safety performance and premier level of service attests to our commitment to safe and efficient practices.  We are continually striving for technical excellence, and work toward maintaining and extending our commanding position in the industry.

Jet Demolition owns and maintains a wide variety of mobile demolition equipment, supplemented by a vast collection of specialized tools and attachments.  The majority of our attachments are not commercially available in South Africa, and have been imported or developed in-house to suit our specific range of services.

We have developed and patented a range of specialised shaped explosive charges for the controlled implosion of large structures that cannot be otherwise demolished using conventional mechanical methods. Jet Demolition was awarded the Explosive Demolition Award at the World Demolition Summit in 2017, in recognition of our implosion of the HG de Witt Building in Pretoria. This accolade is highly coveted, and awarded globally to celebrate technical excellence. We are humbled to be the recipients of such a prestigious award, and strive toward the next one.

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