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We provide professional demolition services to industry, assisting multinational clients with rapid, cost-effective and technically-based solutions. We focus on a practical approach to the most challenging projects, with an unparalleled emphasis on the safety of persons.


Changing the urban landscape, one building at a time.

As we enter an era of growth and development in our inner-cities, redundant buildings pose a safety risk if beyond their serviceable life.

Our in-house specialists will assist in all planning and execution of controlled implosions within dense urban environments.  We take care of permitting, implosion-designs, building preparations, evacuation plans, implosion execution, cleanup and rehabilitation as part of our turnkey demolition solutions.


High reach demolition from ground.

The risk of persons working at heights is one that every demolition company faces.  Our specialised high reach demolition excavator is compatible with our range of imported and proprietary demolition tools, enabling the safe and controlled demolition of tall structures, without exposing our personnel to this risk.

Our Accreditations

 Our projects are carried out according to the following Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Standards: 

Do you need assistance in planning your next demolition project?  We are here to help. 

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