Our company, people and values.

Established in 1994, Jet Demolition has a long-standing history and reputation of undertaking the most challenging demolition projects safely, timeously and with the utmost integrity.

Our commitment to safety of persons and operational excellence stems from our core Values and Ethics, and are non-negotiable.

We are committed to providing high-value return to our customers in upholding our core values and best industry practices, whilst providing innovative and sustainable technical solutions.

We believe that through employee participation, consultation and individual commitment to safety and a realigned focus across all spheres of the Company, we will lead our people home safely.

By empowering our employees to take responsibility with trusted SHEQ methods, systems and procedures; communicating the concept of “My Brother’s Keeper” and by operating from a place of humility and respect for each other, we will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Our Directors

Vince Raseroka
Vince RaserokaChairman - Director
With over 35 years of business experience, Vince has extensive executive management and deal making experience with a strong track record in identifying, appointing and leading strong management teams to grow and scale businesses. Vince serves as Chairman of our board, leading the company from strength to strength.
Joe Brinkmann
Joe BrinkmannManaging Director
Joe ‘s Masters Degree in Mining Engineering, obtained in 1982 from the University of Missouri-Rolla, USA, kick-started his life-long interest in explosives and their various applications. After developing a patented range of shaped-charge explosives, Joe pursued his passion for demolition, and established Jet Demolition in 1994. He serves as our Managing Director, and lead of our Engineering Team.
Liz Brinkmann
Liz BrinkmannDirector
Liz Brinkmann moved to South Africa with her husband Joe, upon completion of her degree in Metallurgical Engineering. She joined the University of Witwatersrand
as a lecturer, and later Kenwalt Systems as an engineer, before devoting her professional career to the growth of Jet Demolition. She serves as an Executive Director and Assistant CEO of Jet Demolition.
Lebo Letsoalo
Lebo LetsoaloNon-executive Director
Lebo serves as a non-executive director, with over 19 years of experience in holding executive portfolios within the energy, chemicals and mining industries. Her extensive experience in supply chain management, procurement and project development has developed her passion for functional mentorship and coaching, building skill and capacity.