Who We Are

Our group of companies has been undertaking demolition works for the past 25 years and we have a full, long-term commitment to maintaining and extending our commanding position in the industry. We are the leading, largest, and the most technically advanced demolition company in Africa.

Jet Demolition is one of the few international companies which offers in-house, full-range demolition services including advanced state-of-the-art mechanical demolition equipment and controlled implosions. In addition, our Company has developed and patented a range of specialised shaped explosive charges for controlled demolition of large structures.

We are a technically based company with 10 members of our staff having B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees or diplomas in Engineering and Environmental Management, the Government Mechanical Engineering Certificate of Competency, and Pr. Eng. accreditation. This background gives us the necessary technical foundation to successfully overcome the challenges posed by large, complex demolition projects. It also fuels our drive for delivering quality projects (safe, time efficient, cost effective, within specification) and devising innovative technical solutions to our demolition tasks.

Jet Demolition has a wide variety – over 60 items – of mobile demolition equipment which range from a one tonne skid steer to a 34 metre, 102 tonne high reach excavator. The specialised demolition tools for our 28 excavators vary in size from a few hundred kilograms up to 15 tonnes, and include hydraulic shears, hydraulic hammers, crushers, pulverisers and various other attachments with quick-change mountings.



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